Implications of the WTO on the Redesign of U.S. Farm Policy

Chad E. Hart, Bruce A. Babcock
May 2001  [01-BP 32]

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Hart, C.E. and B.A. Babcock. 2001. "Implications of the WTO on the Redesign of U.S. Farm Policy." Briefing paper 01-BP 32. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


The WTO commitments made by the United States are often cited as being an important constraint on the design of future U.S. farm programs. Many, however, are confused about the U.S. commitments and their future importance. In this paper, the authors attempt to fill this gap in understanding by providing a detailed explanation of the WTO agreement and estimates of whether the United States has fully complied with its WTO commitments in recent years. In addition, the authors project the degree of compliance through the 2002 marketing year and examine new alternative program proposals to determine how they might impact U.S. compliance.