Market for U.S. Meat Exports in Eastern Canada, The

Dermot J. Hayes, Roxanne Clemens
November 1999  [99-WP 229]

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Suggested citation:

Hayes, D.J. and R. Clemens. 1999. "Market for U.S. Meat Exports in Eastern Canada, The." Working paper 99-WP 229. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


Trade in livestock and livestock products between the U.S. and Canada has become controversial in recent years. This paper focuses of some of the factors that have given rise to this change in trade patterns between the two countries. Hayes and Clemens describe meat and live animal trade in both directions, then offer some explanations as to why these trade patterns have occurred. They also offer a projection of how trade patterns might yet evolve. Because the strength of the Canadian dollar is a key aspect of past trade patterns as well as future projections, Hayes and Clemens discuss why it has depreciated and may continue to depreciate. The authors mention some export opportunities that are likely to exist even if the Canadian dollar continues to weaken.