Estimating Usual Dietary Intake Distributions: Adjusting for Measurement Error and Nonnormality in 24-Hour Food Intake Data

Sarah M. Nusser, Wayne A. Fuller, Patricia M. Guenther
December 1995  [95-SR 80]

The authors have developed a method for estimating the distribution of an unobservable random variable from data that are subject to considerable measurement error and that arise from a mixture of two populations, one having a single-valued distribution and the other having a continuous unimodal distribution. The method requires that at least two positive intakes be recorded for a subset of the subjects in order to estimate the variance components for the measurement error model. Published in Survey Measurement and Process Quality, ed. by Lyberg et al.. John Wiley & Sons. Chapter 30:689-709, 1997. (Replaces 95-SR 80.)

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