Interactive APEX (i_APEX) User's guide using APEX2110 and APEX0806

Mark Siemers, Stephen Plotkin, Philip W. Gassman
May 2014  [14-TR 50]

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Suggested citation:

Siemers, M., S. Plotkin, and P.W. Gassman. 2014. "Interactive APEX (i_APEX) User's guide using APEX2110 and APEX0806." Technical report 14-TR 50. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


A tool for managing large numbers of APEX runs, handling data input and output.

Program Components:

• ACCESS Database: Contains input tables used by i_APEX to construct APEX runs and output tables to organize APEX output.

• Graphical User Interface: Allows for single runs and ranges of runs and permits editing of input data as well as selection of output variables and output files.