Comparative Analysis of the Development of the United States and European Union Biodiesel Industries, A

Miguel Carriquiry
July 2007  [07-BP 51]

Worldwide production of biodiesel is growing at a rapid pace. Arguably, the European Union (EU) is the global leader in biodiesel production, but the United States has recently expanded its production. The growth of the biodiesel industry in both regions has been fueled by a series of government-provided financial incentives. However, the timing of the growth and incentive provisions, the nature of the main incentives, and the market conditions differ across regions. This article provides a comparative analysis of the EU and U.S. biodiesel industries, highlighting market and policy aspects that are leading to a rapid but distinct growth.

Keywords: biodiesel, biodiesel industry, biodiesel quality, biofuels, energy security, rapeseed oil, rapeseed methyl ester, soybean oil, soydiesel, ultra low sulfur diesel.

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