After the Ban: The Japanese Market for U.S. Beef

Roxanne Clemens
April 2007  [07-MBP 12]

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Suggested citation:

Clemens, R. 2007. "After the Ban: The Japanese Market for U.S. Beef." MATRIC briefing paper 07-MBP 12. Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.


In the months following the reopening of the Japanese market to imports of U.S. beef on July 26, 2006, Japanese importers were unable to procure adequate supplies. This paper discusses reasons for early supply shortages and some of the policy and trade issues that will affect demand for U.S. beef in the short to medium term. The paper also discusses current marketing efforts for domestic and imported beef, new marketing technologies, and general consumer trends. The information presented in this paper includes on-site observations and data from meetings with Japanese importers and retailers and industry experts during market research in Tokyo and Osaka in November 2006.

Keywords: age verification, beef traceability, food safety, Japan, marketing.