Policy Briefs

September 2023
A Modern View of Ukraine and an Outlook for Ukraine’s Production and Productivity of Leading Grain and Oil Crops
Tetyana Kalna-Dubinyuk
May 2023
Controlling Pests and Diseases: Understanding Growers’ Preferences and Choices on Organic Production of Cucurbit Crops
Nieyan Cheng, Wendong Zhang, Mark L. Gleason
January 2022
How Carbon Credits are Certified Could Change the Market Structure
John M. Crespi, Stéphan Marette
September 2021
Hog Price and Volume Comparisons across Alternative Sale Types, Emphasis on COVID-19 Disruptions
Ezra Butcher, Lee L. Schulz
August 2021
The Tax Implications of the American Families Plan on Iowa Farmland Owners
Kristine Tidgren, Wendong Zhang
June 2021
The Role of State-inspected Slaughter in the U.S. Pork Supply Chain: Survey and Analysis
Holly Cook
May 2021
The First Legal Step for an Agricultural Carbon Market is in the Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021
John M. Crespi, Kristine Tidgren
April 2021
Do Iowa Residents and Farmers Care about Improving Water Quality and Reducing Harmful Algal Blooms? Results from Two Household Surveys
Yau-Huo Shr, Wendong Zhang
February 2021
Willingness to Participate in Demand Response in the US Midwest: A Market with Great Potential?
Abigail Morton, Yü Wang, Wendong Zhang
China’s Agricultural Imports under the Phase One Deal: Is Success Possible?
Xi He, Dermot J. Hayes, Wendong Zhang
December 2020
Iowa Farmers’ Business and Farm Transfer Plans: A Comparison between 2019 and 2006
Beatrice Maule, Wendong Zhang, David Baker
April 2020
The Impact of COVID-19 on Iowa’s Corn, Soybean, Ethanol, Pork, and Beef Sectors
Chad E. Hart, Dermot J. Hayes, Keri L. Jacobs, Lee L. Schulz, John M. Crespi
December 2019
The United States’ Fraught Competitive Position in the World Wheat Market
John M. Crespi, Chen-Ti Chen
October 2019
Midwest Crop Farmers’ Perceptions of the U.S.-China Trade War
Shuyang Qu, Wendong Zhang, Minghao Li, Lulu Rodriguez, Guang Han, Erin Cork, James M. Gbeda
September 2018
The Impact of the 2018 Trade Disruptions on the Iowa Economy
Edward J. Balistreri, Chad E. Hart, Dermot J. Hayes, Minghao Li, Lee L. Schulz, David A. Swenson, Wendong Zhang, John M. Crespi
July 2018
Testimony Before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Environment
Gabriel E. Lade
June 2018
China’s Agricultural Import Potential
Minghao Li, Wendong Zhang, Dermot J. Hayes
March 2018
What Can We Learn about U.S.-China Trade Disputes from China’s Past Trade Retaliations?
Minghao Li, Wendong Zhang, Chad E. Hart
E15 and E85 Demand Under RIN Price Caps and an RVP Waiver
Gabriel E. Lade, Sebastien Pouliot, Bruce A. Babcock
December 2016
Impact on Merchant Refiners and Blenders from Changing the RFS Point of Obligation
Bruce A. Babcock, Gabriel E. Lade, Sebastien Pouliot
March 2016
Economic Evaluation of Governor Branstad’s Water Quality Initiative
Dermot J. Hayes, Catherine L. Kling, John D. Lawrence
January 2014
Impact of Increased Ethanol Mandates on Prices at the Pump
Sebastien Pouliot, Bruce A. Babcock
Feasibility and Cost of Increasing US Ethanol Consumption Beyond E10
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
November 2013
RFS Compliance: Death Spiral or Investment in E85?
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
How Much E85 Can Be Consumed in the United States?
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
The Economic Role of RIN Prices
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
September 2013
RFS Compliance Costs and Incentives to Invest in Ethanol Infrastructure
Bruce A. Babcock
August 2013
Impact of Sales Constraints and Entry on E85 Demand
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
Price It and They Will Buy: How E85 Can Break the Blend Wall
Bruce A. Babcock, Sebastien Pouliot
May 2013
How Long Will Commodity Prices Remain High?
Dermot J. Hayes, Lisha Li
December 2012
Outlook for Ethanol and Conventional Biofuel RINs in 2013 and 2014
Bruce A. Babcock
August 2012
Updated Assessment of the Drought’s Impacts on Crop Prices and Biofuel Production
Bruce A. Babcock
July 2012
Preliminary Assessment of the Drought’s Impacts on Crop Prices and Biofuel Production
Bruce A. Babcock
August 2011
Price Analysis, Risk Assessment, and Insurance for Organic Crops
Ariel Singerman, Chad E. Hart, Sergio H. Lence
April 2011
The Impact of Ethanol and Ethanol Subsidies on Corn Prices: Revisiting History
Bruce A. Babcock, Jacinto F. Fabiosa
March 2011
Time to Revisit Crop Insurance Premium Subsidies?
Bruce A. Babcock
November 2010
Impact on Ethanol, Corn, and Livestock from Imminent U.S. Ethanol Policy Decisions
Bruce A. Babcock
May 2010
Costs and Benefits of Moving to a County ACRE Program
Bruce A. Babcock
March 2010
Mandates, Tax Credits, and Tariffs: Does the U.S. Biofuels Industry Need Them All?
Bruce A. Babcock