The Shifting Patterns of Agricultural Production and Productivity Worldwide

Edited by Julian M. Alston, Bruce A. Babcock, and Philip G. Pardey

In this book we assemble a range of evidence from a range of sources with a view to developing an improved understanding of recent trends in agricultural productivity around the world. The fundamental purpose is to better understand the nature of the long-term growth in the supply of food and its principal determinants. We pursue this purpose from two perspectives. One is from a general interest in the world food situation in the long run. The other is from an interest in the implications of U.S. and global productivity patterns for U.S. agriculture.

About the Editors

Julian M. Alston is Professor, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, and Director, Robert Mondavi Institute Center for Wine Economics, University of California, Davis.

Bruce A. Babcock is Professor, Department of Economics, and Director, Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University.

Philip G. Pardey is Professor, Department of Applied Economics, and Director, International Science and Technology Practice and Policy (InSTePP) center, University of Minnesota.