Keri L. Jacobs  ·  Associate Professor of Economics

Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Economics Professor

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Keri L. Jacobs
Iowa State University
578C Heady Hall
518 Farm House Lane
Ames, IA 50011-1054

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Keri Jacobs is an associate professor and extension economist in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University and holds the Iowa Institute for Cooperatives Endowed Economics Professorship. She received a B.A. in economics and business administration from Coe College in 1996 and a Ph.D. in economics from North Carolina State University in 2010. In her role at ISU, she is an undergraduate educator, researcher, and extension specialist with a focus on cooperatives. In her extension capacity, Dr. Jacobs provides to co-op boards, management, and other stakeholders training and applied analysis on the cooperative model, board governance, and strategic financial and equity management. Her goal through extension is to enhance the effectiveness of cooperative organizations and support their efforts in managing sustainable organizations by building capacity in human capital and providing sector financial analysis. Her applied research program analyzes the financial and equity conditions of agricultural cooperatives, agribusiness consolidation, biomass production for biofuels, and farm level production decisions under uncertainty.