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Chad Hart is Professor in the Department of Economics at Iowa State University. His fields of interest include the interaction between the agricultural commitments within the World Trade Organization and the agricultural policies and programs of WTO members, crop insurance, international trade, biofuel policy, federal agricultural policy, and crop marketing.

Chad was born and raised in southwest Missouri where his parents raised a few cattle and operated a small meat locker. He received a BS in economics with minors in mathematics, history, and astronomy from Southwest Missouri State University in 1991. He then moved to Iowa in the summer of 1991 to pursue graduate education. He received a PhD in economics and statistics in 1999 from Iowa State University.

After graduating, Chad joined the staff at CARD where he served as a scientist. He also served as the US Policy and Insurance Analyst with the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute where he was responsible for directing econometric and modeling efforts for the crop insurance component of the FAPRI modeling system. He has served in multiple roles at CARD, including as the head of CARD’s former Biorenewables Policy Division where he examined the interactions between the agricultural and energy sectors.

Chad is also a partner in Farm Risk, an Iowa firm that develops revenue insurance products and receives revenue based on policies sold by crop insurance companies.

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Chad E. Hart
Iowa State University
478F Heady Hall
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Ames, IA 50011-1054

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