Kling joins Leopold Center advisory board

Catherine Kling, director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, has joined the Leopold Center advisory board. Kling has collaborated with the Leopold Center for nearly a decade on the costs and impacts of conservations practices.

In her work, Kling has studied the impact of agricultural practices on wildlife and water quality, including well-publicized research on the Gulf of Mexico hypoxic zone and its economic and environmental impact. Her work has earned her many accolades including recognition as Charles F. Curtiss Distinguished Professor of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She is married to Terry Alexander, a fellow economist at Iowa State. The couple has two children, Danny and Maggie.

The Leopold Center is an Iowa State University research and education center created to identify and reduce negative environmental and social impacts of farming and develop new ways to farm profitably while conserving natural resources. The advisory board includes representatives from the Iowa Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Iowa’s public universities, the Department of Natural Resources, and other various state agencies.

(Released April 2015)