Babcock interviewed on Colbert Report

The relentless heat and lack of rain may not feel like a joke in Iowa, but that didn’t stop Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert from making light of the situation when he spoke with ISU’s Bruce Babcock on Tuesday, July 24th.

Babcock spoke with Colbert, live via satellite from Johnston, about how the drought will have an impact on a large number of agricultural commodities from eggs to ethanol. Babcock indicated that the recent drought would have an effect on a large portion of Iowa’s corn crop, which is a primary ingredient of livestock feed, and would therefore drive up the price on beef, pork, chicken, and chicken eggs.

Babcock is a professor of Agriculture and the former director of the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development ( at Iowa State. Some of Professor Babcock's research areas include the analysis of agricultural and trade policies, and the impacts of biofuels on agriculture.

You can see Babcock’s interview here:

(Released July 2012)