Schulz, Crespi author Wallaces Farmer article

Professors Lee Schulz and John Crespi contributed an article, ""Who wins and who loses with the Perry pork plant closure", to Wallaces Farmer. Schulz and Crespi examine the announced closing of Tyson Foods' Perry, Iowa, pork processing plant in June, and how it will affect pork packers.

In the article, Schulz and Crespi note that "Barring any additional unforeseen changes in processing capacity, the industry will have sufficient capacity this spring and summer to process hogs. However, transportation costs may rise for some producers. Cash-negotiated hog prices and basis near Perry may also dip. Such weakness will likely be temporary. Impact on national prices will be minimal."

This article also appears as "Tyson's Perry Pork Plant Sends Shockwaves in State Economy" on Decorah News.

(Released May 2024)