Zhang paper wins ICIG award

A paper coathored by Wendong Zhang, assistant professor, "Farmers under Threat: Implications for Attitudes toward China and Perceived Risks from the Trade Dispute," won a Top Paper Award from the Intergroup Communication Interest Group (ICIG) at ICA2020: Gold Coast.

Zhang's coauthors are Shuyang Qu, Minghao Li, Lulu Rodriguez, Guang Han, Erin Cork, and James M. Gbeda. Rodríguez is at ISU Seed Science Center; Qu, Department of Agricultural Education and Studies. Minghao Li was a CARD postdoc and is now assistant professor at New Mexico State University.

Since ICA2021 is a virtual conference, it will not be possible to distribute plaques to Top Paper winners. As a result, Top Paper Award plaques will be distributed at ICA2022: Paris, which will be an in-person conference.

(Released June 2021)