Farmers' Beliefs on Climate Change Are Shifting

The results of the 2020 Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll, also known as the Farm Poll, show that farmers’ beliefs about climate change have shifted since 2011. In 2011, 68% of farmers responded that climate change is occurring, but, as the 2020 poll shows, that number has now increased to 81%. In fact, the number of Iowa farmers that say climate change is occurring exceeds the amount of people in Iowa's general public that believe the samerecent research shows that number to only be 67%.

“Farmers have experienced a lot of extreme weather since 2011, from droughts to extreme wet, and it’s likely that’s driving some of the changes in perspectives,” said J. Arbuckle. Arbuckle is a professor of sociology and extension sociologist at Iowa State University and directs the annual Farm Poll.

A press release that details more of the poll's findings is available here. The full results of the the poll are available here.

(Released January 2021)