CARD researchers working closely with CAAS

Earlier this year, two researchers at CARD, Dermot Hayes and Wendong Zhang, began working closely with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences through a joint research project. According to Hayes, the idea was brought forth by Steven Leath, who was president of ISU at the time. Hayes said that the memorandum of understanding that established the joint research was finalized in February, and they received the last signatures needed in April.

Currently, the research is focused on studying the impact of corn and ethanol market reforms in China, with the goal of understating the impact on trade and the environment. “CAAS has excellent institutional knowledge and has experts in each commodity area,” Hayes said. Post-doctoral research assistant Minghao Li is the first employee, but Hayes said they are also hosting unpaid visitors from China.

The current agreement with CAAS is for five years.

(Released November 2017)