Depaula joins CARD as faculty member

Gil Depaula has joined CARD as an assistant professor. Depaula received his Ph.D. in Environmental Economics from Yale. He also has a Master’s in Environmental Economics, a Master’s in Environmental Science, a Master’s in Business Administration, and a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering.

Depaula said that climate change policy first interested him in economics. “I first became interested in the economics of climate change, in particular how global warming could affect developing countries and what type of policy or technology solutions are available to mitigate climate change,” he said.
Depaula’s was driven to work for CARD by his interest in investigating practical solutions to developmental and environmental problems in the agricultural sector. “I am interested in studying private and public mechanisms to accelerate the diffusion of agricultural technologies,” he said. “Technological change is an important part of the solution to environmental and development problems and technology policies intersect with environmental and agricultural policies. I also study climate change adaptation and land-use policy in Brazil and intend to contribute to CARD on these research areas.”

Depaula will also be teaching two classes this year, ECON235 and ECON371, as well as serving on two committees and collaborating on development of a new agricultural micro dataset.

(Released October 2017)