Wang joins CARD as visiting scholar

Pingping Wang has joined CARD as a one-year visiting scholar.

Wang holds a bachelor’s in E-Commerce from Qingdao Agricultural University in Qingdao, China, a Master’s degree in National Economics from Ocean University of China, and is currently a PhD candidate in Agricultural Economics Management at China Agricultural University.

Wang says that learning about microeconomics in college is what first interested her in studying economics, and that, as she’s learned more, she’s become more interested in the subject. Wang said her interest in spatial econometrics, rural sustainability development, and agricultural economics and environmental resources is what interested her in studying at CARD. “I find a lot of professors at CARD have the same interests as me. In addition, CARD plays an important role in the research field,” she said.

While at CARD, Wang will be working closely with Dermot Hayes, focusing on the efficiency of chemical fertilizer use in agricultural production.

Wang will be at CARD for one year. When she returns to China she will work to finish her PhD at China Agricultural University, after which she hopes to teach at the university level or engage in postdoctoral research.


(Released October 2017)