Gonzalez-Ramirez accepts position at Manhattan College

Jimena Gonzalez-Ramirez, a graduate research assistant at CARD, recently accepted an assistant professor position at Manhattan College in New York. Ramirez is a native of Colombia who attended Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa while obtaining her undergraduate degree, then came to ISU as a PhD candidate. “I chose ISU since it has a well-recognized and very organized program. Since my undergraduate college is not far away from Ames, I was able to visit the department and to talk to different professors and graduate students. After a nice campus visit, I accepted ISU’s admission offer,” she said.

While attending ISU, Ramirez acted as a research assistant for Cathy Kling. “My participation in the Resource and Environmental Policy group improved my research skills as I was able to present my research and to learn from other research projects,” she said. “Thanks to CARD’s generous support, I was able to attend several academic conferences, improving my research and presentation skills. My time at CARD prepared me for a competitive academic job market and taught me important lessons that will be useful as an assistant professor.”

During her time at CARD, Ramirez focused her dissertation on both environmental economics and intra-household decisions, studying different environmental policy instruments for pollutants that are complements, the effectiveness of a cost-share program that promotes the usage of cover crops, differences in risk preferences between husbands and wives within households, a spouse’s relative influence on joint decisions and the way these affect educational and medical expenditure decisions.

Ramirez was awarded her PhD in July, and said she is looking forward to the next chapter in her life. “Beyond continuing my research agenda, I am very excited to teach an environmental economics course for the first time!” She said.

(Released September 2016)