Iowa Lakes Valuation Project

Beeds Lake   

Beeds Lake is in Franklin County, in North-Central Iowa.

Vital Stats:
     Area:      100 acres
Shoreline: 2.9 miles
Mean Depth: 9 feet
Maximum Depth: 24 feet
Drainage: 18,966 acres
Lake Type: Man-made Recreational
Boat Access: hard surface ramp
Motor/Boat Restrictions: 10 hp max
Special Regulations: none
Facilities: camping, picnic tables
Map Available: yes
U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency lists as impaired:
Beach advisories in 2003
due to high bacteria:
Monitored for bacteria and advisory posted for 6 weeks

Associated Parks:
     Beeds Lake State Park

The information above was collected by Iowa State University Limnology Laboratory and The Iowa Department of Natural Resources.