Iowa Lakes Valuation Project

Coralville Lake   

Coralville Lake is in Johnson County, in East-Central Iowa.

Vital Stats:
     Area:      5,340 acres
Maximum Depth: 30 feet
Drainage: 3,084 acres
Lake Type: Artificial
Boat Access: hard surface ramp
Motor/Boat Restrictions: none
Special Regulations: none
Toilets: yes
Facilities: camping, swimming, picnicking, hunting, water skiing, hiking
Map Available: no
U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency lists as impaired:
Beach advisories in 2003
due to high bacteria:
Not monitored for bacteria

Associated Parks:
     Lake Macbride State Park, Cottonwood, Tailwater East, Tailwater West, West Overlook Linder Point, Sugar Bottom, Sandy Beach, MacBride Nature Recreation Area

The information above was collected by Iowa State University Limnology Laboratory and The Iowa Department of Natural Resources.