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Summer 2008, Vol. 14 No. 3

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A Change in Assignment

photo of Chad Hart

Chad Hart first contributed to the Iowa Ag Review in September 1995. In the article he examined the merits of revenue insurance as a replacement for yield insurance in the U.S. crop insurance program. His analysis appeared well before any revenue insurance program was available for sale.

Since then Chad has contributed to nearly every issue of the Review, providing readers with clear, concise, and timely analysis on a wide variety of topics, including farm policy, agricultural outlooks, World Trade Organization agreements, biofuels, crop insurance, and trade. It is rare to find agricultural economists who are good at both analyzing complex issues and writing about them in way that increases awareness and understanding. Chad will be using this combination of skills in his new position as an assistant professor in the Department of Economics here at Iowa State University.

Although Chad will no longer be a regular contributor to the Iowa Ag Review or head of the Biorenewables Policy Division in the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, he will continue to provide insights into the issues that are important to Iowa and U.S. agriculture because he will be responsible for conducting grain market research and outreach programs for the department. We look forward to working with Chad in his new position and wish him well. ?