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Fall 2009, Vol. 15 No. 4

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End of a Long Run

Bruce A. Babcock

This issue of the Iowa Ag Review closes out the 15th volume of this quarterly publication. Over the last 15 years we have strived to present timely information and insight into the important issues that impact Iowa and U.S. agriculture. Aided by the explosive growth of the Internet and Google, the Iowa Ag Review truly has a worldwide audience. We regularly receive comments on our articles from as far away as Nepal and Australia, as well as from more nearby towns in Northwest Iowa.

Many readers have found the Iowa Ag Review's even-handed analysis of controversial topics a welcome respite from the never-ending flow of self-serving studies advocating particular policy positions. If we do break from our non-advocacy position it is usually in favor of policy reforms that cut wasteful government spending or that provide valuable public goods because taxpayers and the general public are the least-represented groups in legislative bodies. Economists have a long and esteemed history of pointing out how most policies are funded by the many to favor the few.

CARD's research on the important issues affecting agriculture will continue. But it will no longer be reported in the Iowa Ag Review. The reality of shrinking budgets combined with increased demands on ever-scarcer faculty time means that we can no longer afford the time and money needed to keep the publication going on a regular basis.

In its place, beginning in 2010, CARD will begin a new publication series titled CARD Policy Briefs. This series will contain the same type and length of articles that have been published in the Iowa Ag Review. Entries in the new series will appear on our website when a topic or issue seems ripe for analysis or when CARD research needs to reach a broader audience.

We will set up an electronic alert system for those of you who want to be notified when new articles are posted. Please send your email address to to subscribe.

We've enjoyed connecting with you these many years through the Iowa Ag Review. We invite you to continue to follow our research and economic analysis of important issues in agriculture at our website:

Bruce A. Babcock
Center for Agricultural and Rural Development, Iowa State University