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Why America's best beef comes from Iowa.

Nestled in America's heartland between the mighty Missouri and Mississippi rivers, Iowa is home to some of the world's richest, most productive farmland and to many of today's best beef producers.
Its fertile soil allows the state to consistently rank number one in the U.S. for both corn and soybean production, two important ingredients used to produce Iowa-80 Beef.
These abundant feed grains, along with proven livestock genetics and a special commitment by Iowa beef producers and leading processors alike to a stringent certification program, are the primary reasons why Iowa-80 Beef is prized the world over for its consistent quality, flavor, and tenderness.

What makes Iowa-80 Beef so unique?

Age and source verified, Iowa-80 Beef is produced to the rigorous standards set forth by the Iowa-80 Beef certification program. Genetics, diet, management, age, and USDA Quality Grade assurance are the main factors that set Iowa-80 Beef apart from other brands.
Using only 100% Angus sires ensures that each animal has the proven carcass traits for consistent, high-quality beef. High-concentrate, high-energy corn diets, days on feed, and a slaughter age of 18 months or less guarantee that each cut that carries the Iowa-80 brand is exquisitely tender and richly flavorful.
Iowa-80 Beef is corn fed on Iowa family farms and ranches. The producers take intense pride in marketing animals that meet the quality standards of the Iowa-80 Beef certification program – Upper One-Third Choice or Prime. These are the highest quality grades conferred to beef by the USDA.

Iowa-80 Beef is the ultimate dining experience.

No matter how you choose to prepare Iowa-80 Beef, it promises a luxurious dining experience from the start. When cooking, its deep, rich aroma begins to unfold with a subtle sweetness, culminating with the first flavorful taste.
The juicy tenderness of Iowa-80 Beef is intensified by its rich, buttery flavor, enveloping your senses with a sublime and lingering finish, bite after bite.
The extraordinary characteristics of Iowa-80 Beef will turn every dish into a delicacy. It's sure to be a prized addition to the menus of the finest restaurants as well as the dining tables of those with the most discriminating palates.

Iowa-80 Beef certification program.

All Iowa-80 Beef is certified and produced according to stringent program specifications to create superior beef products.

Each Animal Is

All animals are segregated, processed, and labeled at the beef processing plant. All beef carcasses MUST meet the USDA quality grade standards for Upper One-Third Choice or Prime.

Each Producer Must

Each Processor Must

Why your customers will ask for Iowa-80 Beef.

They know that Iowa has a reputation for producing high-quality beef?and will soon learn that Iowa-80 Beef is the very best beef they can buy.
Produced in limited quantities under highly stringent audited specifications, the Iowa-80 Beef brand will assure retailers, restaurateurs, and consumers alike that they are getting the very best in High Choice and Prime corn-fed cuts that America has to offer.
In turn, they'll quickly discover that the Iowa-80 Beef they buy will consistently provide them with the extraordinary dining experience they expect from their premium beef purchase.

So, always insist on Iowa's best beef.

The only beef that carries the Iowa-80 Beef brand.