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Iowa-80 Beef Certification

The Iowa-80 Beef program is a pilot project that allows Iowa farmers and ranchers to produce top-quality, corn-fed beef that is age- and source-verified and linked to the state of Iowa through a certification brand.
Certification of animals and beef products through the Iowa-80 Beef program allows U.S. and international consumers to identify and purchase high-quality beef that has been produced and processed in the state of Iowa according to carefully controlled specifications and quality standards.

All Iowa-80 Beef is produced according to the following minimum certification requirements.

The Iowa-80 Beef program ensures these specifications are met with an audited program that requires full and transparent documentation that all the specifications are rigorously followed. Beef consumers want to replicate a pleasurable eating experience, and providing a brand for Iowa-80 Beef will allow consumers to choose consistently well-marbled, flavorful beef that has been corn-fed in the state of Iowa.