October 16, 2008
Gateway Hotel and Conference Center at Iowa State University

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Conference Agenda

8:00�9:00 North Prairie RoomRegistration (coffee, tea, fruit, pastries, and fruit juices available)
9:00�9:15 Welcome to morning plenary sessions
Catherine Kling, Professor of Economics, Iowa State University

Introduction of morning speakers
Joe Colletti, Senior Associate Dean, ISU College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
9:15�9:45 Overview of Hypoxia Action Plan and Operating Plans
Darrell Brown, Chief, Coastal Management Branch, U.S. EPA
10:00�10:45 Water Implications of Biofuels Production in the U.S.: National Research Council, National Academy of Science Study Findings
Jerry Schnoor, Co-Director, Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, University of Iowa
11:00�11:45 From the Cornbelt to the Gulf
Joan Nassauer, Professor, School of Natural Resources, University of Michigan
Noon�1:15 Garden RoomLunch

Introduction of Speakers
Rick Cruse, Professor of Agronomy and Director, Iowa Water Center, Iowa State University

Agency and NGO Reactions to the Hypoxia Action and Operating Plans: Panel
Dean Lemke, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship
Richard Leopold, Iowa Department of Natural Resources
Craig Cox, Environmental Working Group
1:30�3:00 Concurrent Sessions

Central Prairie RoomA. Local Water Quality and Watersheds
  1. Experience from the Raccoon and Des Moines Rivers TMDLs
    Keith Schilling and Calvin Wolter
  2. Experience from the Cedar River TMDL
    Jim Baker
  3. Ag Clean Water Alliance
    Roger Wolf and Chris Jones
  4. Nutrient Criteria and Its Connection to Local Water Quality
    Tom Wilton
South Prairie RoomB. Landscape Design in Iowa

  1. Modeling and Monitoring to Assess Prairie Effectiveness in Water Quality Improvements
    Sergey Rabotyagov and Keith Schilling
  2. Mixed Perennial Landscapes: Diversity on Iowa's Land
    Matt Liebman
  3. Integrated Drainage Wetland Systems
    Bill Crumpton and Matt Helmers
  4. Least-Cost Control of Agricultural Nutrient Contributions to the Gulf of Mexico Hypoxic Zone
    Sergey Rabotyagov, Todd Campbell, Manoj Jha, Hongli Feng, Phil Gassman, Lyubov Kurkalova, Silvia Secchi, and Cathy Kling
3:00�3:15 Break
3:15�4:15 North Prairie RoomPlenary Session:
Updates on Current Science of Nutrient Flows and Conservation Actions in Iowa
Panel: Bill Crumpton, Matt Helmers, Tom Isenhart, Dan Jaynes, and Tom Kaspar
4:15�4:45 Questions and comments from audience