2007 HERE Workshop Agenda

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Sunday, September 16
10:30-11:30 Registration and Check-in, outside of Hughes Auditorium
11:30-1:00 Luncheon and Keynote Address, Speer Room in Mahlstede Building
Ted McConnell, University of Maryland, College Park
Adventures in Nutrient Trading
1:20-3:00 Stated and Revealed Preference Methods

Distributional Preferences and the Incidence of Costs and Benefits in Environmental Policy
Beilei Cai, Trudy Ann Cameron, and Geoffrey R. Gerdes

The Effect of Children on Adult Demands for Health-Risk Reductions
Trudy Ann Cameron, J.R. DeSazo, and Erica H. Johnson

Combining Revealed Preference and Stated Preference Data Without Invoking the Weak Complementarity Condition
Kevin Egan, Joseph Herriges, John Downing, and Catherine Kling

The Value of Disappearing Beaches: A Hedonic Pricing Model to Estimate the Value of Beach Width in Coastal North Carolina
Sathya Gopalakrisnan and Martin Smith
3:00-3:20 Break: Coffee and beverages
3:20-5:00 Transboundary and International Environmental Problems

Transboundary Pollution and the Allocation of Enforcement Effort
Mariano Rabassa and Nicholas Brozovic

Free Trade, Transboundary Pollution and a Race to the Bottom
Harvey E. Lapan and Shiva Sikdar

Farmer’s Enter and Exit Decision to Sloping Land Conversion Program under Agricultural Payoff Uncertainty
Jinhua Zhao and Lihong Lu McPhail

Strategic Resource Extraction under the Threat of Learning-by-Doing
Ujjayant Chakravorty, Andrew Leach, and Michel Moreaux
5:15-7:00 Reception: Wine, beer, hors d’oeuvres, and music, Hazel’s Kitchen

Monday, September 17
7:30-8:00 Continental Breakfast, outside Hughes Auditorium
8:00-9:45 Ten-Minute "Shorts"

Parcel-Level Analysis of Landowner Decisions to Accept Voluntary Land Use Restrictions: The Conservation Reserve Program in Minnesota
Jacob N. Brimlow

The Effect of Environmental Regulation on Corporate Financial Performance: Short-Run versus Long-Run Implications
Dietrich Earnhart and Dylan Rassier

Exploring Respondent’s Perception of Bid Precision in Non-Market Valuation
Christopher D. Azevedo, John R. Crooker, and Brian Pattiz

The Consequences of Consequentiality
Joe Herriges, Catherine Kling, Chih-Chen Liu, and Justin Tobias

The Evolution of Decentralized Economic Behavior and Livestock Disease: Dynamics in a Jointly Determined System
Benjamin M. Gramig and Richard D. Horan

Environmental Labeling, Altruistic Consumption, and Economic Consequences
Yoshifumi Konishi

Gender, Household Decision-Making and Environmental Giving
Debra K. Israel

The Tradeoff between Private Lots and Public Open Space in Subdivisions at the Urban-Rural Fringe
Elizabeth Kopits, Virginia McConnell, and Margaret Walls
9:45-10:00 Break: Coffee and beverages
10:00-11:15 Environmental Management

Using Empirical Benefit Estimates in a Bioeconomic Model to Guide Control Strategies for Invasive Species
Christopher C. Moore, Dan Phaneuf, and Wally Thurman

Hawaii Residents Preferences for Miconia Control Program
C. Chan-Halbrendt, Y. Jin, F. Yang, T. Lin, and L. Thomas

A Needle in the Haystack: Incorporating Spatial Externalities for Invasive Species Detection and Control Strategies
Kshama Harpankar and Shefali V. Mehta

Negotiating to Delay Regulation: Let’s Just Keep Talking…
John Janmaat
12:00-1:15 Luncheon and Special Speaker, Speer Room in Mahlstede Building
Quinn Weninger, Iowa State University
Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management: New and Age Old Challenges for Fisheries Economists
1:30-2:50 Land Use and the Environment

Modeling the Effects of Land Conservation Policies on Lakefront Development
David J. Lewis, Bill Provencher, and Van Butsic

The Impact of Weather Extremes on Agricultural Production Methods: Does Drought Increase Adoption of Conservation Tillage Practices?
Ya Ding and Karina Schoengold

Price Discriminating Procurement Auctions for Environmental Services
Daniel Hellerstein, Nathaniel Higgins, Barrett Kirwan, and Michael J. Roberts

Is Decentralization of Agri-Environmental Policy Welfare Enhancing?
Douadia Bougherara and Carl Gaigné
2:50-3:10 Break: Coffee and beverages
3:10-4:30 Public Good Provision

Technological Change in the NOx Tradable Permit Programs
Joshua Linn

Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Intensity Targets
Gloria E. Helfand and Ann E. Ferris

Participation in the Canadian Voluntary Climate Registry Program
Keith Brouhle

Optimal Government Revenue Allocation in the Presence of Norms: A Public Goods Provision Problem
Matthew G. Interis and Timothy C. Haab

Awards and Farewells