2023 ISU Land Value Survey Results

in conjunction with Iowa State University Extension and Outreach

The 2023 Iowa State Land Value Survey shows the average value of an acre of farmland increased 3.7%, or $424, to $11,835 per acre. The nominal value of an acre of farmland is again higher this year than at any point since Iowa State University began surveying values in 1941.

Interest rates, commodity prices, better-than-expected crop yields, cash and credit availability, and investor demand helped drive the increase.

If you have any questions or comments about the 2023 survey, please contact Dr. Rabail Chandio at rchandio@iastate.edu or call the office at 515-294-6181.

2023 Land Value Survey News Conference

The results of the 2023 land value survey were announced by Dr. Chandio at a news conference on Tuesday, December 12. The full 60 minute-long news conference video is at the bottom of this page. Additional materials from the news conference are available below.

Three minute highlights of the 2023 survey results

2023 ISU Land Value Survey - 3 minute version from ISUCALS on Vimeo.

2023 Land Value Survey Resources

Full 60 minute-long 2023 news conference video

2023 ISU Land Value Survey from ISUCALS on Vimeo.