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CARD: Center for Agricultural and Rural Development

Trade and Agricultural Policy

CARD's TAP division examines the impacts of domestic and international trade policies for commodity prices, production and consumption, trade, international market performance, and government and societal costs.

The Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute (FAPRI) is operated by CARD's TAP division and the Center for National Food and Agricultural Policy at the University of Missouri at Columbia. FAPRI develops the most widely circulated and publicly available annual long-term outlook for major commodity markets. FAPRI researchers also provide policymakers with analyses of alternative agricultural and trade policies.


CARD Study Shows U.S. Ethanol Production and Corn Demand Will Grow With or Without Subsidy and Tariff (news release)

Projected Economic Turnaround Fuels Recovery in Commodity Trade and Prices, According to 2010 FAPRI Outlook (news release)

See the latest publications and analysis on World Trade Organization related issues by CARD and FAPRI researchers.

Recent Papers

TTIP and Agricultural Trade: The Case of Tariff Elimination and Pesticide Policy Cooperation
Bo Xiong, John C. Beghin
June 2016 [16-WP 566]

Trans-Pacific Partnership and Foreign Ag Subsidies
Dermot J. Hayes
November 2015 [15-WP 559]

Recent Presentations

FAPRI's World Agriculture Briefing Book 2010 presents excerpts of the FAPRI Outlook presented to Congress.