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Science and Technology Policy

The Science & Technology Policy unit provides economic research and leadership on key issues of the evolving policy debate on new agricultural science and technology. The goal is to improve our understanding of the roles of public policy and market institutions in fostering innovation and economic growth, and to help identify appropriate R&D strategies for the public and private sectors. Current research programs include the economic analysis of biotechnology innovations in agriculture, consumer acceptance and regulation of genetically modified products, the analysis of intellectual property rights, the supply of quality in agricultural market with geographical indications, and the role of universities in technology transfer.

The S&TP unit is supported by the Pioneer Endowed Chair in Science and Technology Policy.

Recent Publications

In Medio Stat Virtus: Coexistence Policies for GM and non-GM Production in Spatial Equilibrium
Moschini, G.
European Review of Agricultural Economics, 2015, in press.

Endogenous market structure and the cooperative firm
Hueth, B. and G. Moschini
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Menapace, L. and G. Moschini
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Incentives for Innovation: Patents, Prizes, and Research Contracts
Clancy, M.S. and G. Moschini
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The Realized Yield Effect of Genetically Engineered Crops: U.S. Maize and Soybean
Xu, Z., D.A. Hennessy, K. Sardana and G. Moschini
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Second-best biofuel policies and the welfare effects of quantity mandates and subsidies
Lapan, H. and G. Moschini
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Quality Certification by Geographical Indications, Trademarks and Firm Reputation
Menapace, L. and Moschini, G.
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Economics of Biofuels: An Overview of Policies, Impacts and Prospects
Moschini, G., Cui, J., and Lapan, H.
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Assessing the welfare effects of US biofuel policies
Moschini, G., Lapan, H., Cui, J., & Cooper, J.
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Competition Issues in the Seed Industry and the Role of Intellectual Property
Moschini, G.
Choices, 25(2), 2nd Quarter 2010.

Determinants of World Demand for U.S. Corn Seeds: The Role of Trade Costs
Jayasinghe, S., Beghin, J. and Moschini, G.
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Incentives and Outcomes in a Strategic Setting: The 3-Points-for-a-Win System in Soccer
Moschini, G.
Economic Inquiry, 48(1)(January 2010):65-79.

Book review of “Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk,” by James Bessen and Michael J. Meurer
Moschini, G.
Review of Policy Research, 27(2)(2010):200-202.

Biofuel Policies and Welfare: Is the Stick of Mandates Better than the Carrot of Subsidies?
Lapan, H., and G. Moschini
Working Paper No. 09010, Department of Economics, Iowa State University, June 2009

Quality certification standards in competitive markets: When consumers and producers (dis)agree
Lapan, H., and G. Moschini
Economics Letters, 104(3)(September 2009):144-147.

Book review of "Innovation and Its Discontents: How our Broken Patent System Is Endangering Innovation and Progress, and What to Do About It. Princeton," by Jaffe, Adam B. and Josh Lerner
Moschini, G.
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 91(2009):293-294

Biotechnology and the Development of Food Markets: Retrospect and Prospects
Moschini, G.
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Geographical Indications and the Competitive Provision of Quality in Agricultural Markets
Moschini, G., Menapace, L., and Pick, D.
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 90(2008): 794-812

Patents, Research Exemption, and the Incentive for Sequential Innovation
Moschini, G., and Yerokhin, O.
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy 17(2008):379-412

Intellectual Property Rights and Crop-Improving R&D Under Adaptive Destruction
Yerokhin, O. and G. Moschini
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U.S. Universities’ Net Returns from Patenting and Licensing: A Quantile Regression Analysis
Bulut, H., and G. Moschini
Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 18(2)(2009):123-137

Deriving a Flexible Mixed Demand System: The Normalized Quadratic Model
Moschini, G. and P.L. Rizzi
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89(2007):1034-1045

Grading, Minimum Quality Standards, and the Labeling of Genetically Modified Products
Lapan, H., and G. Moschini
American Journal of Agricultural Economics 89(2007):769-783

Vertical Product Differentiation, Entry-Deterrence Strategies, and Entry Qualities
Noh, Y-H., and Moschini, G.
Review of Industrial Organization 29(2006):227-252

The Economic Incentive to Innovate in Plants: Patents and Plant Breeders’ Rights
Moschini, G., and Yerokhin, O.
in J.P. Kesan, ed., Agricultural Biotechnology and Intellectual Property: Seeds of Change, CAB International, 2007 (pp.190-203)

Book review of "What's Economics Worth? Valuing Policy Research," by Pardey, P.G., Smith, V.H., eds.
Moschini, G.
Economic Development and Cultural Change, 55(2)(2007):425-428

Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Traits in Genetically Modified Crops: Coexistence with Conventional Agriculture
Moschini, G.
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Evaluating the Market and Welfare Impacts of Agricultural Policies in Developed Countries: Comparison of Partial and General Equilibrium Measures
Gohin, A., and Moschini, G.
Review of Agricultural Economics 28(2)(2006):195-211

Patents, Trade Secrets and the Correlation Among R&D Projects
Bulut, H. and Moschini, G.
Economics Letters 91(2006):131-137

Labeling Regulations and Segregation of First- and Second-Generation GM Products: Innovation Incentives and Welfare Effects
GianCarlo Moschini and Harvey Lapan
Book chapter in: Just, Zilberman and Alston, Economics of Regulation of Agricultural Biotechnologies, New York, Springer Publishers, 2006

On the Segregation of Genetically Modified, Conventional and Organic Products in European Agriculture: A Multi-market Equilibrium Analysis
GianCarlo Moschini, Harun Bulut and Luigi Cembalo
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Andrei Sobolevsky, GianCarlo Moschini and Harvey Lapan
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Pharmaceuticals and Industrial Products in Crops: Economic Prospects and Impacts on Agriculture
Greg Graff and GianCarlo Moschini
Iowa Ag Review, Fall 2004

Nash Equilibrium in Strictly Competitive Games: Live Play in Soccer
GianCarlo Moschini
Economics Letters, 85(3)(2004):365-371

Innovation and Trade with Endogenous Market Failure: The Case of Genetically Modified Products
Harvey E. Lapan and GianCarlo Moschini
American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 86(2004):634-648
(Reader's Appendix)

Intellectual Property Rights and the World Trade Organization: Retrospect and Prospects
GianCarlo Moschini
Book chapter in: Anania, G., Bohman, M., Carter, C., and McCalla, A., eds.,
Agricultural Policy Reform and the WTO: Where Are We Heading?, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2004

Agricultural Biotechnology and Trade: The Unresolved Issues
GianCarlo Moschini
Iowa Ag Review, Fall 2003

The Economics of Patents
Corinne Langinier and GianCarlo Moschini
Book chapter in: M. Rothschild and S. Newman, eds.,
Intellectual Property Rights in Animal Breeding and Genetics, CAB International, 2002