Watersheds: Iowa Landform Regions

Iowa Department of Natural Resources categorized state's diverse landscapes into 7 landform regions based on the geological formations (http://www.igsb.uiowa.edu/Browse/landform.htm). The Iowa landform project simplified these landform regions into different but similar set of 7 eco-regions for watershed modeling purpose. Two watersheds were selected in each eco-region to parameterize the SWAT model to facilitate the development and implementation of Total Maximum Daily Load program in the state.


  • 2009-10: USEPA. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Development of SWAT Hydrologic Parameters for Specific Iowa Landform Regions. Investigators: M. Buyck, P.W. Gassman, M. Jha, K.E. Schilling, and C.F. Wolter. Amount: $76,797.

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