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Biorenewables Policy

The Biorenewables Policy Division in CARD addresses questions surrounding expansion of biorenewables in the United States. The division, created in 2006, aims to build upon the center's strength in economic modeling and collaborative analysis. Initial research will focus on the outlook for biofuels and crops used for biofuels production, including the effect of biofuels growth on the level and volatility of crop prices.

Research will also explore the impact of biofuels growth on the mix and location of livestock, effects of possible policy changes on biofuels production and prices, impacts of increased biofuels production on water quality, and impacts on local basis for corn and soybeans.


The Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research and Information Center (MATRIC) at Iowa State University has published a book on using distillers grains, a co-product of biofuels production, as a feedstuff for livestock and poultry. The book is only available online at and is free for downloading.

Recent Papers

Policy Shocks and Market-Based Regulations: Evidence from the Renewable Fuel Standard
Gabriel E. Lade, C.Y. Cynthia Lin Lawell, Aaron Smith
May 2016 [16-WP 565]

Role of Ethanol Plants in Dakotas Land Use Change: Incorporating Flexible Trends in the Difference-in-Difference Framework with Remotely-Sensed Data
Gaurav Arora, Peter T. Wolter, Hongli Feng, David A. Hennessy
March 2016 [16-WP 564]

Recent Presentations

August 2012
Biofuels and Food Prices 0.12 MB
Bruce Babcock
Presentation at a conference sponsored by the Agricultural Trade Promotion Center, Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and the International Center for Sustainable Trade Policy , Beijing China.
May 2011
Feeding Frenzy: Managing High Input Costs 0.10 MB
Bruce A. Babcock
National Dairy Producers Conference, Omaha, Nebraska