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Agricultural Risk Management Policy

Actively managing risk is a relatively new concept for many crop and livestock producers and policymakers. To address the need for information and analysis on agricultural risk management policy, CARD Director Bruce Babcock has initiated a core area of research at CARD.

CARD's ARMP division assesses policies affecting valuation and risk management, government price support and disaster relief programs, and agricultural insurance and alternatives.


Costs and Benefits of Moving to a County ACRE Program
Bruce A. Babcock
CARD Policy Brief 10-PB 2

The ACRE Decision (presentation)
Bruce A. Babcock

Recent Papers

Land Resilience and Tail Dependence among Crop Yield Distributions
Xiaodong Du, David A. Hennessy, Hongli Feng
April 2015 [15-WP 556]

Rationality of Choices in Subsidized Crop Insurance Markets
Xiaodong Du, Hongli Feng, David A. Hennessy
February 2014 [14-WP 545]

Recent Presentations

February 2016
Theoretical Production Restrictions and Measures of Technical Change in U.S. Agriculture 0.94 MB
Alejandro Plastina and Sergio Lence
Presented at the NC-1034 Annual Meeting, Tampa, Florida
May 2011
Feeding Frenzy: Managing High Input Costs 0.10 MB
Bruce A. Babcock
National Dairy Producers Conference, Omaha, Nebraska